Let simple things change your everyday life.

      The ”Function Site” project and idea came out of our changing environment, as the community had to change its daily routine and move from comfortable workplaces to home offices.

     Often this new environment is not suitable for prolonged work in a forced position, which can have a negative impact on the back, neck and be a cause of headaches. No surprise that more and more we hear the saying ”Sitting is the new smoking”.

     I was in the same situation and realized that it was worth thinking about new and functional solutions to make my daily life more comfortable and to not get tired so fast and keep up my productivity for a longer period of time.

     It was important to create products that would suit, both, different people and different professions. So that these solutions can help a larger number of people – from students to businessman to craftsmen.

Be flexible
make your work or home environment dynamic

     Take your desk with you wherever you go. In today’s ever-changing world its important you can take your work with you wherever you want - the office, home or a trip out in to nature. It gives you the freedom to choose where to be.

 Ergonomic work environment

     To avoid health risks, change your position during work – from sitting to standing. Transfer weight from one leg to the other while standing. Also, change the position of the legs in a sitting position. The basic purpose of the ‘’Function Site’’ products is to ensure the implementations of these principals.

Longevity and design

     When creating the product, it was important for it to be not only functional, but also long-lasting and elegant. To meet the requirements of modern design and thinking. To be simple in its elegance.

Lap table

     The product is made in Latvia. The base material is Baltic birch plywood with melamine coating. It is resistant to mechanical stress – it is difficult to damage or scratch, as well as it does not lose its appearance and technical properties even when exposed to the sun. Its easy to care for with a variety of cleaning products.

     It is important to us that the product is sustainable, ecological and made of quality components.

     We have chosen Swedish and Japanese fittings and mechanism components, which will ensure the products longevity and quality in the long run.

     The products perform their function without a source of electricity – they work with the help of springs, hinges and guides. With very little force, a person can make the table open, rise and change.

“Little Office”